Thursday, May 31, 2012

Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat For PC With Unlimited Data Downloads Using BlackBerry Plan With Freegate Dynaweb Proxy Software

Welcome on board to the newest glo free browsing tricks and settings codes on PC using the ultimate crazy free gate internet anti-censorship dynaweb proxy software. One remarkable attribute of this “Globacom-BlackBerry-Freegate” free browsing is its speeds, unlimited data downloads and IP global accessibility.
The ony site you can access with this free browsing technique are porn sites. Freegate will always show a US IP most times when accessing sites like and other wicked secret internet chambers where smart IM gurus meet with my usual IP, i get flagged and bounced back, but with this free gate proxy browsing i am safe and free to access the internet by browsing behind proxy.
Enough of all those explanations, lets hit the nail on the head and hit the ground running. Yesterday I shared with you how to use the same free browsing techniques on Etisalat ng
Things You Will Need to Browse The Internet Free With GLO BlackBerry Plan
1. Glo internet enabled sim card (BIS activated)
2. Glo 3G Usb Internet Modems or any operator modems
3. Free Gate Dynaweb anti-censorship proxy software
4. PC and BlackBerry phone to activate the Glo BIS subscription
Steps to Follow For The Glo Free Browsing Cheats
Step 1:
Ensure your glo line has been provisioned and configured for glo internet service, you can or call glo customer care line on 121 to activate your sim
Step 2:
Configure your 3g internet modem as follows
Profile Name: Anything e.g GLO BLACKBERRY CHEATS
Access Point: (APN)
Under Authentication settings, put the following settings
Access Number: *99#
Username and Password: leave the spaces blank or use flatflat or gprsgprs or wapwap its optional
See Secreenshot Image below for guide
Like i said yesterday, the DNS Settings are optional, so we are not going to use that now
Step 3:
Subscribe your glo simcard for any of the Glo BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) data plan. I prefer using the Glo Complete Blackberry data plan activation that lasts for a duration of one month (N1400). You can opt and subscribe for any of there BIS complete monthly, weekly or daily plan
For list of Globacom BlackBerry Subscription Plans, Packages and Activation Code, Please goto or for BIS Complete goto
to subscribe for any of its BlackBerry packages, simply send in sms with short code of your desired package to 777
For Glo BlackBerry Complete Monthly Plan Sms SoMonth to 777
For Glo BlackBerry Complete Weekly Plan Sms SoWeek to 777
For Glo BlackBerry Complete Daily Plan Sms SoDaily to 777
Step 4:
Download and install the Free Gate dynaweb software from this freegare free download link
Just follow the prompt “Click Next” command instruction to  install after download, its does not require any manual configuration
See Screenshot Image below for guide

Thats my PC rocking GLO Blackberry data on free gate with the four complete Servers. You can see screen shot below in the speed of this internet connection while playing “Wande Coal Private Trips” Video on YouTube without any streaming breakage. This is gonna afford you unlimited internet browsing, bandwidth and downloads trust me
How to Set-up Your Browsers and Applications
You need to configure the browser of your choice for localhost proxy. How do you configure your web browser for local host proxy? just input this proxy settings
IP: or localhost
Port: 8580
See Screenshot Image below for help
This is what you are going to do if your applications like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, TeamViwer etc will not work with automatic proxy detection. You could see how  I have configured my Opera browser from the image above
Happy Free Glo browsing cheats on PC. Together to use the share button to spread the knowledge with your friends and love ones.
Let me know if this work great for you like it did for me at my end..

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